Vivienne knows persistence is key and the only thing constant is CHANGE.


As a Professional Actor nearly 30 years, Vivienne's credits and experience are contributing to her new ventures of fashion designing and a current recording artist, lyricist.


Her artistry is all interconnected and divinely produced. Aka, PomBLUE MESSAGES  EP Album is on all digital platforms, iTunes, Spotify, Amazon Music, Google Play, TikTok, Instagram, Facebook, Shazam etc. She gets tickled by saying, "Hey Siri, play PomBlue!" It's the small details that make things fun. Eleven music videos will be uploaded unto YouTube in the next few months.  Designing hand sewn bikinis, skirts, yoga tops, shell jewelry and Bmask Face Masks keep her creative hands busy as well and can be bought on pomBlue.com.

"Always striving to be a better artist and human being is the quest. Today's movement/revolution is a long time coming and the adjustment in our business is necessary to keep creating, to be relevant, and help others to do the same."





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